Domaine Vervier is located in the heart of Burgundy, in Solutré Pouilly, and is the fruit of a long family winemaking tradition going back four generations. It extends over 14 hectares and offers a variety of wines such as Pouilly-Fuissé, Saint-Véran, Mâcon Solutré and many others. The estate is renowned for the impeccable quality of its wines and their distinctive fruity flavors. In addition to wine production, Domaine Vervier offers a wine tourism service, allowing visitors to discover their cellar and taste their best vintages. They are also committed to the environment, holding High Environmental Value certification and setting up ecological initiatives such as beehives around their vineyards.

  • Size – 15 hectares
  • Appellation – Pouilly-Fuissé, Pouilly Fuissé 1er Cru, Saint-Véran, Mâcon Solutré, Bourgogne Aligoté, Pinot Noir and Moulin à Vent
  • Certification – High Environmental Value certification



Domaine Vervier is nestled in the heart of the prestigious Burgundy wine region, in the immediate vicinity of the historic town of Mâcon. This privileged location offers the domaine an exceptional terroir, benefiting from the climate and soils characteristic of this region renowned for its quality wines.

Just a stone’s throw from Mâcon, the estate extends over hectares of verdant vineyards, offering picturesque panoramas of the Burgundy landscape.

Domaine Vervier’s geographical location makes it a jewel of Burgundy, combining winegrowing tradition with bucolic charm.

The terroir

Domaine Vervier, located in Solutré Pouilly, benefits from an exceptional terroir of limestone and clay-limestone soils, with east- and southeast-facing vines on steep hillsides, ideal for growing exceptional Burgundy vines.

The climate

The Solutré-Pouilly climate, with its warm summers and mild winters, favors optimal ripening of the grapes, contributing to the quality and complex aroma of the region’s wines.

The grapes

Chardonnays from Solutré-Pouilly, the key to Domaine Vervier wines, offer a unique aromatic richness, combining tropical fruit and minerality, symbolizing the excellence and tradition of the estate.

The exhibition

The optimal exposure of Domaine Vervier’s vineyards ensures ideal sunshine and light for the development of the grape varieties.

The vines

Domaine Vervier’s 15 hectares of vines are cultivated with passion and know-how, respecting the family winegrowing tradition.

The wines

Domaine Vervier wines, made from Chardonnay and Aligoté grapes, reflect the authenticity and excellence of Burgundy.

Domaine Vervier

Cindy & Jérémy

Domaine Vervier is the fruit of a long family winegrowing tradition that has been going on for 4 generations. We have been independent winegrowers since 2016, and today we work as a family.

Domaine Vervier

Our history

Domaine Vervier, rooted in the winegrowing landscape of Solutré-Pouilly in Burgundy, is the fruit of a rich and passionate family history that has been passed down for four generations. Founded on the values of tradition and innovation, our estate has evolved over the years while preserving the essence of its heritage. Each generation has made its own contribution, enriching our know-how and our love of the vine. Our story is one of a constant quest for excellence, where respect for the terroir and passion for winemaking combine to create exceptional wines. Today, we continue this heritage by combining traditional methods with modern techniques, to produce wines that reflect not only the richness of our past, but also our forward-looking vision.

Domaine Vervier


At the heart of Domaine Vervier, our values reflect our commitment to excellence and sustainability. We firmly believe in the importance of respecting the earth that nourishes us, which is why we practice responsible viticulture in harmony with the environment. Passion for our craft guides our every action, from the meticulous selection of grapes to the meticulous vinification. Authenticity is at the heart of our philosophy: we strive to produce wines that faithfully express the unique character of our terroir. Innovation, combined with tradition, enables us to constantly improve the quality of our wines while preserving the heritage handed down by our ancestors. Finally, family spirit and collaboration are essential to us, because it’s together that we share our love of wine and our know-how with the world.

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Keep up to date with the latest news and events at Domaine Vervier! Our estate, nestled in the heart of Burgundy, is constantly buzzing with activity, from participation in prestigious wine fairs to the organization of exclusive events and the launch of our latest cuvées. Take a behind-the-scenes look at our harvests and discover the secrets of our know-how at our open days, and don’t miss our themed tastings that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. Whether you’re a connoisseur of fine wines or simply curious about life on the estate, our news will plunge you into the exciting world of Burgundy viticulture. Follow us so you don’t miss out on any of the Domaine Vervier events, and come and share unforgettable moments in the rhythm of the wine-growing seasons.

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