Hiking at Roche de Solutré

The Roche de Solutré is a limestone hill offering panoramic views over the region. The hike to the summit is popular and offers a great opportunity to enjoy nature.

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Museum of Prehistory

At the base of the Roche de Solutré, you’ll find the Musée de la Préhistoire, showcasing archaeological finds from the region, including remains from the prehistoric period.

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Hiking in the Mâconnais hills

The region is dotted with green hills and hiking trails. Enjoy nature on foot or by bike in the Mâconnais.


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Visit Mâcon

The town of Mâcon itself has a historic charm with its ancient architecture, notably the Saint-Vincent cathedral and the Saint-Laurent bridge. Stroll the streets, discover the picturesque squares and enjoy the cafés and restaurants.


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Cruise on the Saône

The River Saône flows through the region, offering the chance to take a relaxing cruise while admiring the surrounding scenery.

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Cluny Abbey

Around 30 km from Mâcon, Cluny Abbey is a major historical site. Explore the ruins of this former Benedictine abbey, a testimony to the religious and cultural importance of the Middle Ages.


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Local museums

Discover the region’s history and culture by visiting local museums, such as the Musée Lamartine in Mâcon or the Musée des Ursulines.

Caves of Azé

The Grottes d’Azé are open to the public, but only on guided tours. These tours allow visitors to explore the underground galleries, admire the geological formations, and learn more about the region’s prehistoric history from the guides’ explanations.


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Local markets

Soak up the local atmosphere by visiting one of the region’s markets. Here you’ll find fresh produce, regional specialities and an insight into everyday life.


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Local gastronomy

Enjoy Burgundian cuisine in local restaurants. Regional specialties, such as Bresse poultry, are often featured.

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